5 Practical Tips in Using the Tables Option in MS Word

If you use MS Word at work, you will find its Tables Option a great help in your documents. Most successful companies have benefited from MS Word’s tables. But for people who are new to MS Word, it’s normal to encounter problems related to the use of its Tables option. This is not a problem […]

How to Make Audio Conversion Easy with WMAConvert Software

To make a high speed audio conversion you will probably need to find and download a software tool at first. You can find one by searching through the web, forums or friends. But there are so many things to consider before selecting the audio conversion software you will use. So what features should software have […]

How To Disable Autocorrect In iPhone

Probably the most irritating feature about an iPhone is the autocorrect. This feature aims to correct spelling mistakes while people are texting. Aside from that, it also attempts to guess what words the users are trying to text. However, the funny thing is the autocorrect feature is not able to guess what iPhone users really […]


Is ManageWP All It Is Claimed To Be?

So, is ManageWP an invaluable WordPress management tool or yet another overpriced WP service? That is the question at hand. What is ManageWP? Well, if you don’t already know, ManageWP is an easy to use interface that allows any WordPress user, whether they manage just 1 or even hundreds of sites, to efficiently monitor, publish […]

5 Must Haves for an Effective Business Continuity Plan

Especially now that we have global warming and climate changes, we don’t have power over the forces of Mother Nature. In terms of protecting the continuity of your business and its operations, a business continuity plan must be in place for a safe guarantee that profits and great relationships with vendors and customers prevail. Not […]

Top 8 Cloud Computing Security Issues

The primary deterrent to cloud computing services is security. Some companies are still hesitant to go fully on cloud because of some security issues cloud computing connotes.  In this article, we will eon the top 5 security issues with regards to cloud computing services. Top Cloud Computing Security Issues: 1. Privacy and Jurisdiction The fact […]


Otterbox: The Secret of Their Success

It’s no mystery that Otterbox remains a top company and continues to release the most desirable and sought after products in its class.

Project Glass: A Step Too Far?

The future is closer than you might think with the augmented reality technology being developed by Google, revolutionising the way we consume information.

Cheap Smartphones for 2012

The vast variety of functions embodied in the latest mobile phones make finding the right one for you, an exhausting task. In as much, we forget the simple truth that mobile phones were originally primarily designed to simply make phone-calls. However, the days when this reality was acknowledged are long gone and it is fair […]


Adobe – The Best of the Word to PDF Converters

Adobe has many different products but they are most well known for creating the Portable Document Format (PDF) and as such, they probably have the best Word to PDF converter available on the market. However, many people seem a little confused when accessing the Adobe website as there is the free and paid PDF application. […]

Will Windows 8 Flop?

Microsoft’s operating systems are the most ubiquitous in the world, but the company has not only had its successes, like XP and Windows 7, but its failures too – remember Vista? There’s an unspoken rule that if Microsoft’s last OS was a hit, the next will be a complete and disastrous miss.

Top Reasons Why Mac is Better than PC

There has been a lot of debate between Mac fans and PC users about what type of computer system is better. The Mac enthusiasts seem to be much more excited about preaching about how great Macs are, probably because they truly have the better system. If you speak with the average Mac user, he or […]


5 Funny Ways To Use Your Android Phone to Spy

Android has dominated smart phones. Everywhere you go, the mall, coffee shop, restaurants, offices, you will most likely see the trademark Android mascot on people’s phones. You know the green robot with cute antennas and a wide smile? Who would miss that? Android phones are preferred by many because of the amazingly cool and trendy […]

4 Reasons Why Your Next Phone will be an Android

Since Blackberry has lately faded into the distance into the race for Smartphone supremacy the market has boiled down to 2 tech providers. The iPhone, the golden boy, the apple in the eye of a thousand tech reviews, still, undoubtedly dominates the market. But it is of my opinion that restricting your operating system to […]

Top 5 Android Apps for Personal Finance

Android smartphones are the most readily available mobile devices today. Not only do they serve the purpose of allowing you to make and receive phone calls wherever you are, they also allow you to keep your life organized in a variety of ways. This is due to the number of great apps you can download […]


Exploring iPhone 5 Marketing App Sensation

The concept of marketing has never been more popular than it has been with the mobile revolution. Smartphone users have become marketing targets and it all has to do with the marketing apps that are available. More Opportunities to Market The iPhone 5 has actually been reported as more of a vehicle for marketing app […]

Apple iPhone 5 – Specifications and Features

Ever since the announcement of the release of iPhone 5, there were speculations regarding its features and specifications. Now, the most expected iPhone 5 has received a grand launch with declaration on its important attributes.

5 iPhone Apps To Help Keep You Healthy

The obesity epidemic has reached frightening levels all around the world. More and more people are starting to realize that they need to take responsibility for their health before they incur major conditions that can limit mobility and lessen their lifespans. If you need to lose weight or simply want to improve your fitness, there […]

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