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How to Connect Your Laptop with Cell phone Using Bluetooth

It’s the age of wireless and there are many different technologies that are making use of this wireless revolution. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, WLan and 3G are some of the most talked about wireless technologies available in the market. Of them Bluetooth has become the most common technology and almost every cell-phone and laptop available have the option of Bluetooth in them.

Many of us desire to transfer songs, wallpapers, images, videos or other kinds of information from our laptops to cell phones and vice-versa. This can be done easily without wires by using the pre-installed Bluetooth functions in your cell phones and laptop. If you have a laptop which does not have the function of a Bluetooth then you can use a Bluetooth dongle available very easily in the market. It performs the same function as a normal Bluetooth would and installing it is also very easy and Windows almost automatically installs it. You can also use the Bluetooth function of your cell to use the internet. The Bluetooth is used for this purpose very commonly nowadays and enables an individual to have internet access almost anywhere (this example uses Vista).

First of all change the Bluetooth setting of your cell phone and allow it view all Bluetooth devices. Then go to the Control panel on your laptop and open the Bluetooth devices icon.

The following screen will appear. Select the option My device is set up and ready to be found and then click on next.

Your cell phone’s Bluetooth name will pop up. Select the icon and then click on next.

Next the system will ask you to enter a passkey or have the option of generating its own passkey. You can select whichever option fits you best, but it is recommended that you choose the option of selecting your own passkey.

Enter the passkey of your choice and enter the same in your cell phone and then your phone and your laptop will be connected through Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth may take some time to connect both your devices but give it sometime and it will definitely connect with each other. Once you have both your devices connected you are ready to transfer items like music, pictures, videos etc. You can also use the Bluetooth to connect to the internet and use your laptop to browse through the net. Also once you have connected a particular cell phone you wouldn’t need to connect it again to your laptop the next time you want to transfer any kind of data. Only when you go to the Bluetooth option and remove that device will you have to do the whole process again.

This is a normal way to connect your cell phone to your laptop but if you are using a Nokia cell phone, you can also use Nokia PC Suite to connect your phone and your laptop for your use.

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  • Dinesh.V.K

    Informative. i am using nokia cell phone and it is right that we have to use nokia pc suite but make sure that the pc suite version is compatible for the phone to connect.

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