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How to Save and Sync PDF files to iCloud.

The iCloud services officially announced in March 2011 have let users save all their data online and sync it with all their apple devices. These iCloud services provide exciting features many of which have become popular with the users since its inception. The service offers storage on a server which can be accessed directly without connecting either your iPhone or iPod to the computer. These services were available earlier but the additional features and the official iCloud being launched have set the cash registers ringing in the already abundantly rich apple cash registers.

One of the major problems with aspiring apple users has been the syncing of data from their previous devices to the new apple devices. The major problem was with the pdf files that needed to be synced with apple devices. Apple is a company that is known to have solved the portable music conundrum with its iPods and has a unique solution to all the user’s problems almost every-time.

The technical capabilities apple is not able to cover in its technologies are often taken care of in the applications or apps they develop to support their devices. Pdf files can be read with the iBooks app that is available in the apple app store. This is a big relief for the new users of the apple operating system as they can now bring their important pdf files to their new apple devices. The company has broken the mould of functioning of the computer services with the iCloud and has made data accessible to the user from anywhere with a simple internet connection.

Here is how you can save your pdfs in your iPhone or iPad and then sync it to the iCloud:

  1. Download the iBooks app from the Apple app store.
  2. The pdf files to be read are to be dragged and dropped into this application.
  3. The pdf files can then be read directly as iBook files
  4. The entire pdf file can be easily read by just clicking on them. The process of conversion is direct.

These pdfs can then be shared directly to the iCloud as iBook files and be synced to the iCloud. The files can then be easily referred and downloaded. The problem of pdf files has been a consistent one since a long time and apple’s new operating system takes care of the problem without much of a fuss.

Apple’s iCloud services have received great reviews from the world over. The fans of the pdf documents all over the world are happy that they can now access the pdf files on iCloud and use them at will.

Apple devices have often brought about a revolution in the kind of technology being used. The iCloud is no different. This has been proved by the fact that it accesses the location of the user through the location system and is able to sync all his files together so that they can be easily accessed without having to carrey them with added storage. For the sceptics, apple has introduced 5GB of the storage free. Feel free to try out the services and pay when you are convinced.

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  • Gaz

    Excellent, worked a charm. Thank you

    • Samuel King

      You welcome mate :)

  • CreiApp

    With the iOS App “Save to Cloud”, you will find it so easy to use iCloud as a storage for any type of files.
    Automatically, shared among your iOS Devices.
    Check it out at:

  • Samuel King

    Hi Moggy, I am yet to try this out but logically, if they are all synced on one apple account and have managed to get them all synced with the same iCloud account then I see no reason why not. Unfortunately, Apple has a way with marketing and I doubt they will allow multiple iPads on one iCloud account. It is still worth a try though.
    You are very welcome and Thanks for stopping by.
    Samuel King

    • Melvin_lewis

      Yes you can. I just got two new iPads and they are synch

      • Samuel King

        Thanks Melvin

      • Samuel King

        Thanks Melvin

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