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StealthGenie – Best Spy Software for Android to Save from Every Possible Assault

Gone are the days when you had to spend days and months crying over the spilt milk! The revolution in technology has changed the course of everything in the world. With the emergence of the latest cell phone devices and advanced features, many parents and spouses have become insecure about the activities of their loved ones. To save you from every emotional and financial loss, a number of software development companies have created different mobile tracker apps.The mobile tracker applications are incredibly useful for a variety of people. Almost every organization in the world wants to keep track of what its employees are doing.

If you are seeking a spy app for any of these purposes then getting hold of StealthGenie may be the best option. StealthGenie has earned a great repute amongst its users and more and more people are utilizing this small application to confirm their doubts.

StealthGenie-the best of all spies!

StealthGenie doesn’t only monitor your target’s cell phone activities but also records them and notifies you of these activities through “instant alerts”. Following are some of the features that have made StealthGenie a leading spy app in the market.

  • Live Call Intercept- now you can hear the live telephone conversations of your target without any hassle. With this feature your target will never know that you are listening to their conversations.
  • Keep a check on all SMS received and sent
  • Access their phonebook anytime
  • Monitor their calls logs
  • Get “SIM change notifications”
  • Redirect SMS- with this special feature, the user can send messages from the target’s cell phone to anyone in their contact list
  • View web browsing history

Unlike the typical cell phone spy apps, StealthGenie enables its users to find out their target’s actual location through “Geo location tracking”. Also, you can easily mark areas on the map, which you suspect your target to enter. With this feature you will get an instant notification as soon as your target enters that specific area.

Mitigate all your worries!

Other than tracking cell phone activities, StealthGenie has done wonders for many users who lost their cell phones. Through its “Backup data and Wipe Out feature”, the users were able to restore their data on an alternative device and wipe out the personal data from the stolen cell phone.

According to the regular users of this software app, StealthGenie is specifically designed to help you avoid losses. A peaceful and stress free life is what StealthGenie can give you. So, don’t think twice and mitigate your worries with StealthGenie now!

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  • NR15

    Don’t waste your money on Stealt Geni. I would not recommend it. They claim it’s 100% undectectable, BS. I followed their installation guide and installed it on my husbands phone. It would have been a success only that a half hour after installing it he received a pop up message informing him that the software was running successfully. What spy software in their right mind would send a pop up message to the target phone informing them that the software was running successfully. I was Busted, he sourced the software and deleted it. I wasted alot of money on this and needless to say it caused a few problems. Stealt Geni blamed my Wi-Fi connection, which I must add was working properly. There are far better products out there that will do exactly what they say. I have used Spy Bubble in the past and would highly recommend them. I’m now only too sorry that I didn’t stick with Spy Bubble and there is a huge difference in the price. 

  • Nabia Syed


    Alright, Stealthgenie SUCKSS!! 

    It worked for about 2 weeks, and slowly it stopped working! Stay away from StealGenie! They don’t reply to you, nor do they give you a refund, you will seriously waste your time. Mine stopped working..I got NOTHING for 3 weeks..and I have been messaging them, but I get no reply..nor did I get a refund, this company is bullshit..there is no phone number ANYWHERE! I tried finding their number out..there is no way this software is number 1!!


    • Bob

      Stealth Genie is not customer focused. When I bought a 6-month subscription for an Android so that I could record phone calls I found out after the fact that it didn’t work. Other services did, but not that one, the one I was most interested in. When I asked what the issue was, they said that it a problem with the Android OS and isn’t their fault. I asked to be knocked down to the lower tier service and be reimbursed for false advertising and they wouldn’t.

      More recently, the service stopped working globally. They must have been inundated with service tickets! Come to find out they had attempted an upgrade to their system and blew it up. It took 10 days for them to come back on line. Even still the service was limping along with some aspects of the system not working. It has been nearly 3 weeks and they are still trying to figure out technical glitches caused by their technical IT staff.

      Now as I write this the system is down again. This frequently happens on weekends, just when you might need their service the most. But this particular off-line state appears to be the result of another meltdown.

      My requests for restitution for the weeks of down or muted services have gone unanswered. I have told them via a service ticket that they need to be sending email notifications to their client base to keep the abreast of what’s happening. They refuse to do so.

      The service is less than adequate in my opinion. Yes, it works to trap SMS messages most of the time, but they seem to drop some here and there. Murphy’s law keeps biting me in that the occasional text message they drop is the all important one; like a response to a question or something. My inquiries about this issue have always been canned responses with no explanation other than the cell is likely out of cell service range.

      Anyway, I could go on and on and on, but be fore warned: Stealth Genie is not customer focused, they are clearly in the business of making money and doing only that which they feel like doing regardless of customer input, complaints, or cries for help.

  • kisha

    ive only had stealthgenie for 3days and have ran into so many problems. First i cant get my recorded calls, i only get bits and parts of it and on most phone calls,i cant hear nothing they say. now i cant log on to the site at all, when i log on it keeps sendin me back 2 the log in page and so i wanted 10 hours later and i still cant log in. and as bein undectected no not at all, his phone pop up a message sayin that the program was runnin and was eatin up the battery,and if it wasnt 4 me checkin it b4 he did,then i would had been busted.worst thing i ever bought

  • itsafactjack

    U think ur frustrated not knowing buy SG… Keep looking!
    And you will be banging your head on the computer. Works for a couple of weeks than things start to go wrong. Can’t get into the control panel. Than when you do you can’t check sms, geo tracking, geo location…etc..All at times you need them to record the most! I upgraded to record calls. Some times it does some times it doesn’t. Usually doesn’t record the very calls you needed recorded. Remote control doesn’t work 80% of the time so you CAN NOT record surroundings.. There is NO! NO! NO! 24/7 customer support. Absolutely NOT. I DO NOT CARE what the bogus positive reviews say. Live help is either OFFLINE, AWAY, or BUSY with another  customer. You have to submit tickets. And I have submitted several! They sometimes answer the tickets. They tell you it’s your service provider. Maybe if you were in their time zone you could get better CS, however I live in the US and it is NOT the case. There HAS to be BETTER and I am LOOKING! DO NOT WASTE YOUR $. KEEP LOOKING!

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