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Get Around Privacy Setting with Facebook Spy

When properly leveraged, privacy settings severely limit access making applications like Facebook Spy necessary to monitor a loved one’s online activities.  And with Facebook being the number one destination for all social networking, Facebook spy software is one of the most useful and relevant computer monitoring tools you can buy.  Once installed, Facebook spy applications can monitor:

  • All Incoming/Outgoing IM’s:  Instant messages, or IM’s, are one of the primary ways for people to meet and communicate on Facebook and similar social networking platforms.  A Facebook spy application secretly records all incoming and outgoing IM’s before anyone can delete them so you can see exactly what your loved one is saying in their Instant Messages!
  • Circumvent Privacy Settings:  Can’t see your loved one’s complete profile or see their Friends list in Facebook?  Not a problem!  Facebook spy software helps you get around your loved one’s Privacy Settings so you can see their entire online social network and User Profile!

To see exactly who is in your loved one’s Facebook social network and what they are saying to one another, a Facebook spy app is the perfect solution.  But when it comes to monitoring all computing activities, even the most advanced Facebook spy software is simply too limited to be effective.

The simple fact is that there are simply too many online communication platforms (like Yahoo, MSN, and Skype) for any Facebook spy app to provide you with a complete picture of your loved one’s online activity.  So instead of searching for just Facebook spy software, you need to find a comprehensive PC monitoring software suite that includes the following features:

  • Automated Screen Shots:  To quickly review online activity, you need computer monitoring software that generates automatic screen shots whenever someone changes applications or visits a new website.
  • Keystroke Log:  This spy application records every single keystroke made by the user so you can see exactly what they are doing on each website.
  • MSN, Yahoo, and Skype Voice Call Recording:  Calls made over the Internet, or VOIP’s, cannot be tracked using conventional phone bills or with Facebook Spy.  This is why you need comprehensive desktop monitoring applications in addition to Facebook Spy that record all VOIP’s and contact details.
  • Surround Recording:  This computer monitoring application remotely activates the microphone to make a recording of the surroundings so you can monitor conversations or any cell phone calls made in the vicinity of the monitored computer.
  • MSN and Yahoo Chat Log:  Yahoo and MSN are also popular IM platforms so be sure the PC monitoring software includes both an MSN and Yahoo chat log.


For monitoring social networking activities on Facebook and getting around Privacy Settings, Facebook spy software is the perfect tool.  But to monitor ALL online communication platforms and computing activity, your really need a more comprehensive spy application than just Facebook Spy.  For best results, you need a computer monitoring software package that includes Facebook spy software in addition to these advanced surveillance features: Keystroke Logging; Screen Shots; VOIP Recording; and Surround Recording.

Jane Andrew is the author of Yahoo spy and PC monitoring software technology. She provides tips, tricks and news about computer and internet security. You can also follow her on Twitter @mobistealth to get the latest tips about computer security.

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